The Spangenberg Group is a nationally recognized research and consulting firm specializing in improving justice programs. Created in July 1985 and located in West Newton, Massachusetts, The Spangenberg Group has conducted research and provided technical assistance to justice organizations in every state in the nation.

Robert SpangenbergThe President of The Spangenberg Group, Robert L. Spangenberg, has been conducting research and providing technical assistance on civil and criminal justice system-related topics for over 20 years. Mr. Spangenberg began his legal career as a trial attorney, handling civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts. Subsequently, he directed a neighborhood legal services program, the Boston Legal Assistance Project, for eight and a half years before joining Abt Associates as Deputy Director of its Law and Justice Division in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Widely regarded as a national expert on justice delivery systems to the poor, Mr. Spangenberg left Abt Associates to form his own research and consulting company in 1985. The Spangenberg Group's other staff consists of a small team of professionals who specialize in the study of legal services programs for the poor.


08/06/08 Vermont - Budget woes mean that the Vermont Defender General, Matthew Valerio, must eliminate seven and a half full time equivalent attorney positions. According to Valerio, his attorneys were already carrying a caseload that was 25% too high.

08/03/08 Missouri - Two judicial circuit public defender offices have announced that they will stop taking new cases as of September 1, 2008. Missouri public defenders currently average close to 300 cases per year.

08/03/08 Florida - The Alternatives to Incarceration Summit met in Fort Lauderdale to discuss ways to reduce Florida ever-growing prison population. Representatives from different organizations held gave speeches and discussed ideas such as decriminalization of minor misdemeanors.

07/30/08 Louisiana - A new survey provides additional evidence that the Louisiana penal system requires better social services in order to lower recidivism rates. These efficient programs would also lower costs in the long run, according to the study.

07/27/08 Maine - Maine Courts seek cost cutting measures. Due to a lack of funds, Cumberland County is attempting to streamline District and Superior Court cases in an effort to ease the burden on an understaffed and underfunded Judiciary.

07/24/08 Georgia - Defense attorneys have gone to Fulton County District Court in an attempt to stop the firing of four conflict Public Defenders. The salaried conflict attorneys would be fired for budgetary reasons and replaced by contract attorneys, who are paid on a per case basis.
08/01 Update: Judge Westmoreland will observe the quality of representation for at least 16 weeks before ruling on the constitutionality of the changes.

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